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Why Education Needs Disruption – Say Again?

“Hopefully we can agree that education–as it exists–isn’t good enough. I know this is a tired argument, but it’s an underlying assumption of this concept: education needs reform. Iteration. Evolution. Transformation. Whatever word reflects the level of urgency you’d assign it all.

In response, we need collaboration between and across innovators and experts that is disruptive even if it’s simple for the sake of disrupting. Make noise. Draw attention. Walk into a movie theater and scream “fire!” Unplug the television. Turn off the WiFi, because this whole thing isn’t getting anywhere quickly.”

Now, it’s time to see how disruption and questioning the educational “system” can reinforce and make it right without all the book publishers and politicians affecting and influencing what we do in the classroom.

What do you think?  Read on…



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