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Three Ways to Reduce Tension in Your Classroom

Since our country’s recent Presidential Election, there have been signs made, fights fought, jealousy among peers, marches in front of buildings, beatings, and other hurtful things among our students.  All of this is wrong!  But what can we do about that?

Jill Jenkins, a wonderful retired teacher, has some ideas in this post.  For instance, do you call each student by his/her name when you see them for the first time each day?  Do you show interest in their personal activities?  Do you teach your students how to work together and see each other’s strengths as God created them to be?

Please read this post and see what you can do in your sphere of influence.



2 comments on “Three Ways to Reduce Tension in Your Classroom

  1. Jill Jenkins
    January 7, 2017

    Thanks for sharing my blog, but my name is Jill Jenkins and I am not a counselor, but a retired Language Arts teacher.


    • Patricia Dorsey
      January 7, 2017

      I am soooooo sorry about typing in your wrong name! That was pretty stupid of me. I’ll fix it immediately. I guess I thought you were also a Counselor because you have such wonderful ideas. I’ll fix that, too.


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