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Don’t you just hate Data Day?

I’m sure you’re one of most teachers who absolutely dislike Data Day.  We always had this Day after our first assessment tools were given in the Fall.  Our local district ran the numbers and we sat all day trying to figure out how to get each of our elementary students to succeed in all areas they needed to succeed to pass our end-of-the-year tests.  And, yes, we drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of candy!

“That which is measured is treasured (and vice-versa), and many other possibilities fall away.”

Are you one of us that really feel that all these Assessments don’t really show how much a student has learned?  Do you feel it’s not fair that you’re the only person helping these students to learn?  Doesn’t it “take a village?”

There’s WAY TOO MUCH DATA and I get so confused!  Which is right?  Which test is more important to spend our time for preparation?

Worst of all, how can you explain all this data to parents?

I just saw this post in http://www.teachthought.com.  Maybe you’ll feel better that you’re “not all alone” after all!



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