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5 Ways Reading Helps Increase Standardized Test Scores

Being a teacher from “old school,” I’ve always known that once a child begins to read for enjoyment and then for learning, their test scores will automatically rise.  It just happens!  Our sons always asked “why” because they were inquisitive.  So should all other students ask the same type of questions.

Now, how can we get the rest of our student population to become inquisitive readers and learn to use skills like compare/contrast, cause/effect, inference, drawing conclusions, etc.?  Children from educationally active families do just fine, but what can we do to encourage and help those students who aren’t as fortunate?

Here’s an post from http://www.weareteachers.com that has some wonderful ideas that really do work.  For instance, always make sure that the class knows “why” you’ve required them to read certain selections?  That could be a really tough question to answer.  Older students especially need to understand the “why” answer other than “the state curriculum says to do it!”

Please see how you can immerse your students along these lines of cultural enrichment, different points of view, and building background knowledge.



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