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How to Help Children (or yourself) With Anxiety

Are you afraid of spiders?  Is your child afraid of dogs or arriving late at a social situation?  Notice that the word “afraid” is consistent in both situations?  You know this anxiety is not healthy or normal but what can you do about that?

As a teacher of young children, I saw just a few with anxiety about roaches (I live in Florida) and even lizards.  One of my former students from China, came prepared with a “bug zapper” to kill all the insects that would probably give her the Zika Virus!  Other students from China really were uncomfortable with walking on grass because they weren’t allowed to do that in their home town  city.  Yes, all of these anxieties were “real” to these students.  Of course, I was their teacher and mentor and wanted to encourage and help whenever and wherever I could.

Here’s an article from Parents Magazine that just might give you some insight and direction on the path to overcome these anxieties.  Some of these anxieties can be calmed down to become manageable by working with your child.  But other anxieties require professional help.





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