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Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Microaggressions? What are they?

Have you ever seen children “moving across the hallway” when a certain person walks down the hallway?  (Doesn’t that remind you of the parable about the Good Samaritan and all those religious leaders?)

Or, have you ever heard a child ask, “What do you mean you don’t have a father?”  I certainly have heard that question in my classroom.  Then you get into the transgender bathroom “thing.”

In other words, these “microaggressions” can be more examples of #bullying!  Another example of this type of bullying includes gossiping about another person behind their back.

Here’s a link to a post by weareteachers.com that you might be interested in reading.  It does relate activities that teachers in all grade levels can use in their classrooms.

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Classroom Microagressions



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