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How to Get Your School’s Parents Involved

My latest 10 years of teaching in an public elementary school were quite successful for me in many ways.  One of the ways to mention is that I was able to have all my parents come to Parent Teacher Conferences!

How did I do that?  I really did call the parents frequently during each year with positive comments not just negative!  I even was privileged to have a parent attend a Conference who hadn’t attended any Conferences for the past couple of years.  How did I do that?  I provided positive information about behavior and kind acts done by her son every day beginning the second month of the school year.  Our School Assistant Principal and Counselor were amazed that the student’s mother showed up at a pre-arranged conference.

Honestly, I also had to go to some parent’s home to get forms signed.  No, I did not go alone!

That being said, how do you get most of your parents to be involved in your school and its programs?  Our school would have socials at the local apartment complex and offered free hot dogs to attendees.  Unfortunately, most of the parents sent their children for the free treats and didn’t attend themselves.  Our staff was quite disappointed.  So, I do understand that it’s not easy to get all your school parents involved.

I also had a website specifically designed for my classroom parents to use each day.  It contained photos of our class, homework assignments, and links to about 20 educational and fun websites for students to use.  It was quite popular.

Here are some more ideas from weareteachers.com that provide some more ideas that just might work in your school.

How about creating homework that the whole family has to help to complete?  For instance, before Veteran’s Day, I asked each of my students to inquire about parents/grandparents/siblings who have served in our Armed Forces.  I received nothing but positive comments from the families.  Some even sent in photos of their family Veterans that I put onto a bulletin board.  They were all so proud!

During IEP Conferences, I usually sat beside the parents.  Why?  I hoped to show that I was on their side and wanted to help “our” child getting as many school resources as possible!  I didn’t like getting “no” for an answer from our school district!  Neither did these loving parents.  I was on their side!

I know of one of my friends who has parent conferences at our local McDonald’s.  Why?  The family children can play while the parent and she are Conferencing.  It works!

Here’s the link to some more ideas.  Let me know how they work for you.

Best of Teacher HELPLINE: How Can I Grow Parent Involvement in My Class?


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