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Frustrated because students won’t complete assignments?

Even though my last years of teaching were only in 3rd grade, I still had students who wouldn’t complete homework or project assignments.  Of course, I “blamed” parents and their lack of involvement/commitment in their child’s success!  I would use my website, homework Agenda that went home each day, phone calls as reminders, etc. and, yet, I still had a student not complete asssignments!  I remember when this would result in a lower grade on report cards!  Not any longer, right?

So, just to prove that I’m not alone in this feeling, here’s another teacher’s blog who shares the same opinion.  One Educator “has been there and felt like that.”  Do we give up?  Absolutely not!  Teaching the future leaders of our country is worth this slight frustration!  It’s a long road but well worth the drive!



One comment on “Frustrated because students won’t complete assignments?

  1. Bob Rose
    November 24, 2016

    Some teachers never have dyslexics; “If you teach a child to write, you needn’t bother teaching him to read.”

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