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Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

Do you have a child or student with autism? I know you’ll appreciate this mother’s tears and love for her child who God has designed with autism. Hugs, Candice Curry – W3.

Candice Curry - W3


Classroom Tears

Our middle triplet has autism and requires speech therapy twice a week. Luckily we have the greatest elementary school in the whole wide world right here in our neighborhood.Every Monday and Wednesday Justin takes special time out of her day and goes with the speech therapist for her therapy.

You never know if Justin is going to be super happy to do something or completely against it. One day could be one way and the next day another.

We basically live in her world.

Yesterday was one of her speech days.

Her teacher said that she got out of her chair and headed to speech like it was no big deal. Then she got into the hall it it was all over. Apparently there was a catastrophic meltdown in the hallway that runs through the middle of the kindergarten classrooms.

When Justin has a meltdown it’s hard to get…

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