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Respect is Expected from Teachers, Also!

I’ve shared this post from J. Jenkins earlier this year but I believe it’s worth re-posting.  Why?  Because I’ve heard teachers hollering at their students again!  We hear even today of a teacher who has “lost it” and berates a student in front of his/her peers and gets featured on local TV.

Is there a better way to challenge our students to change their behavior?  Of course #Time to Teach or #PBS have strategies that work.

Find about why that student is suddenly acting that?  Get to know them and sense his/her moods.  That was relatively easy for me in elementary school, of course.  That’s not so easy for high school teachers.  But, it’s just as necessary.

So, I challenge you to use this link below and gauge your last 5 days in the classroom next to what is mentioned in J. Jenkin’s post.  Good luck.



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