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What Teachers Who Use Technology Believe

Of course, we believe that our internet access can be wonderful if under control (and working.)  During my last years of teaching, I was always frustrated that I didn’t have enough laptops for all my students to use.  Our only total class access was when I used my Smartboard attached to my laptop.  Now things are different.  It’s only been 4 years since I left full time teaching, but there are dozens of laptops available for each class now in my former elementary school. Amazing!

So what do teachers who use their technology believe now these years since I left full time teaching?

Look at this graph.  I know it really does “tell it like it is!”  Thank you, Teachthought.com.  Once again, you’ve provided a wonderful idea for us.  BTW, I’m still in the classroom as a tutor and encourager – all the wonder w/o all the paperwork!

What Teachers That Use Technology Believe -



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