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Simple Things to do to Promote Brain Based Learning

How do we “turn on” the brains of our students?  Any ideas?  More fundamental, how do our brains work and how can we teachers get the students to achieve academic excellence?  How do we help a student realize that it’s important for them to NOT believe that they’re “not smart.”  No more excuses!  A brain is a student’s most powerful tool.

Dr. Judy Wells recently wrote a post on teachthought.com that gives an interesting observation about her teaching experience:

“If we want to empower students, we must show them how they can control their own cognitive and emotional health and their own learning. Teaching students how the brain operates is a huge step. Even young students can learn strategies for priming their brains to learn more efficiently; I know, because I’ve taught both 5th graders and 7th graders about how their brains learn.”

This doctor was a neurologist before becoming a classroom teacher.  Once she taught her students how their brain works, it all made sense to them and they found ways to use their brains more efficiently.

Imagine your students saying,

“I imagine neurons making connections in my brain when I study. I feel like I’m changing my brain when I learn something, understand it, and review it.”

“If I use my prefrontal cortex to mentally manipulate what I learn, my dendrites and synapses grow, and I will own that learning for a long, long time. I won’t have to learn fractions all over again each year.”

No longer, will they be “bored” and inattentive.  They’ll figure out how to use their God-given brain as it was designed to be used!

I wonder if this data can be simplified so that even a 1st grader can understand and use this information?  Can they be taught to use breathing techniques to help them calm down before a test?  I can think of a few 3rd graders in my previous classes needing these techniques before our state test each year!

Want to learn more about #brain-based learning?  Are you #home schooling your child?  You should also go to the website and find out more:

The Simple Things I Do To Promote Brain-Based Learning In My Classroom


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