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Does Family Wealth Determine Students’ Success?

I’ve taught in private and public schools, in a Title 1 school as well as an upper-middle class small town elementary school.  So, to answer this question, “it depends.”  I’ve taught children from wealthy families who really had no idea who their child was or what he/she was interested in doing or even eating for dinner.

I’ve also taught M. whose mother was accepting financial assistance.  What did she do with her dollars?  Pay her rent, buy food, and BUY BOOKS for her sons to read!  She was determined that they wouldn’t end up at the bottom of the economic chaos she was living in at the time.  I guess I can say that she reminds me of Dr. Ben Carson’s mother and many others I’ve known over the years.  Praise God!

I just saw the following article about someone who is part of an effort to improve Harlem’s children in any way they could.  What did they do?  They created “Harlem’s Children Zone” as a way to educated parents to educate their children and change their lives.  They created a “baby college” to educate children from almost the day they were born in Harlem.  They helped build trust between the community and the local police.  Most if not all of the high school graduates were prepared to enter college.

They are in favor of Charter Schools?  Why?  Because all teachers and students are held accountable, educated up to their ability, etc.

They also spend time to help these same neighborhoods with counseling about their neighborhood and worlds outside their neighborhood.

Geoffrey Canada says,

“The moment you think education doesn’t matter anymore is when you run into trouble. Think about the Rustbelt, and the places that had factories that made machines. People thought that would never end. And look at some of the old mill towns in Massachusetts that didn’t educate their populous. They are stuck with poverty.”

Read on and become an activist in your local schools and homes.  Volunteer as a mentor at your local Title 1 schools!  Help these parents who are desperate for mentoring!

Read this article and get started!



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