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Tough Questions for Little Kids?

“Take one moment each day for the next week and don’t answer for your small being, wait for their answer. See what happens and how it changes you both!” Dr. Marcie Beigel

How many times have we, as adults, gotten impatient with the lack of answers from our young children, especially when we ask them a WHY QUESTION?  I remember when our youngest son asked me about how large was the moon?  He was only 3 years old!  I absolutely had no answer to give while we were walking around through our little town!  After about 3 more probing questions from me, I realized that he really just wanted to know how often we see the moon each day?  Who knew?

Now, imagine if you ask your child this same question  and he gives you completely blank face as his answer?  If this same child is a “perfectionist” or highly intelligent child, he’ll probably be frustrated that he can’t give an answer right away!  As Dr. Beigel (a trained behavior specialist from Brooklyn) also mentions, there is  the possibility that your child just figures that if they wait long enough, they won’t have to answer at all!

There is also the situation of “fear to answer” any questions at all!  That is a separate subject to be discussed at another time by trained behaviorists and more experienced parents.

Being a parent of any child is incredibly rewarding and frustrating!  Right?  Now, given that obvious fact, what do you do when a child is non-responsive?

Here’s a blog that I just discovered via Twitter that I believe will be encouraging to you.  Dr. Beigel has some very interesting ideas to help us understand and “respond-not react” to your children.

How to Get Kids to Answer When the Questions Are Hard


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