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Do you have a child who is very disorganized (or definitely has ADHD?)

I know, I know all children are disorganized!  That’s totally true.  However, some are more disorganized than others.  That’s also totally true!  What to do?

When I noticed that one of my students seemed to “have no clue” about how to get organized and responsive, I would immediately begin to go into my fake OCD mode.  I would teach them how to organize the inside of their desks, use their Agenda to take messages to their parents, put all hard books on one side of their inside desks, etc.  It worked!  Of course, I had to remind them each day but that’s okay because it worked!

Now what do you do if that child disorganized child is your own child who is old enough for school?  Here’s one of many ideas from Adrian that just may give you some help and moral support.  Perhaps you’ll consider becoming one of her blog followers, too.

Organizing the Disorganized or ADHD Child


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This entry was posted on October 28, 2016 by in ADHD, ADHD/ADD, child development, classroom management, Special Ed teachers, Special Education.


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