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How do you Shift from Surviving to Thriving as a Teacher?

So, you’ve been teaching now for almost 3 months.  How are you doing?  If you’re like most teachers, you’ve won some battles, figured out some students, are getting more sleep now, etc.  But what if you haven’t yet managed to thrive as a well loved and respected teacher?  I definitely understand and remember those days well.  Each year is a new beginning and yet we still need some help truly being relaxed in our classroom.

I found that I only corrected tests and entered grades on Friday evenings.  My husband would sit beside me and we’d watch our favorite shows on CBS while I was correcting and entering grades.  It worked!  Then I’d spend a couple of hours on Saturday doing my laundry and cleaning our home.  Sundays were spent worshiping our Lord and getting to sleep by 9:30!  Other evenings were spent with our sons having family time.

On that topic about relaxing and relating, I just found this wonderful post from teachthought.com that you all should read and reflect upon.  Their ideas to thrive include:

  1.  Listen to more experienced teachers who have matured and have ideas that work
  2. Develop your Personal Learning Network both in school and outside
  3. Know when to close the door on FB, Twitter etc.
  4. Be a human being first – join book clubs, church groups, tour museums, etc.

There are a few more ideas in the post.  Please read the rest of the post.  It’ll be worthwhile!

The Shift From Surviving To Thriving As A Teacher


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2016 by in failing schools, mentoring students, new teachers, professional development days, teachers.


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