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Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

How Do You Make a Boring Lesson Exciting and Interesting?

So, you have to teach basic Algebra, Reading Fluency, History of the Civil War?  How can you make these lessons far more interesting and challenging?  Simply stated, make the lessons attach to their lives.  For instance, recently I read that in certain sections of NYC, rats have become a problem.  So, some ingenious people are sending out feral cats to catch and kill the rats.  It’s working!

Another way to combat this Ziki mosquito problem?  Bats!  That’s right, bats!  We have one hanging around just outside our vacation condo right now!  Go, bats!

Now, how can we encourage children to read faster?  Allow them to read books of their choice to practice increasing speed, allow them to make a video of cartoons that illustrate events in that same book?

After reading Charlie and the  Chocolate Factory together, answering comprehension questions, etc., I got tons of brown paint and my 3rd graders designed their own Chocolate Town using cereal boxes, ribbons, whatever!  They loved it!

Here’s another great source of ideas useful in higher level and older students as well.

25 Tricks To Improve A Boring Lesson

Here’s how the post begins:

“Over the years, I’ve noticed how one question can change the dynamics of any situation. Everything might be moving along quite nicely at the dinner table, everyone’s happy and laughing but one question can send those same smiling faces into a frenzy of shouts and upset. This also holds true in a classroom. Students may be working quietly and the teacher might be content but one question or comment from a student or the teacher can turn that quiet into bubbling sea of chatter.”

I truly believe that even with our Common Core demands and structure, we can still make our classrooms truly a wonderful place to learn.  Read the post and be motivated, my friends.


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