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How can Homeschooling High School Be Made Easier?

I usually thought that I absolutely had no talent or enough brains to home school my sons when they were high school age.  So, we used videos from a local college to help them achieve some base line Physics preparation for college.  Apparently, it was tough enough for them to succeed in these courses in college.  That was about 20 years ago.  Thankfully, home school education has vastly improved since then.

That being said, “What if instead of freaking out, instead of giving up, instead of stressing out about #homeschooling high school . . . what if instead, we reinvent the entire process? What if we simplify everything, strip it to the foundation, and find our purpose, our calling our joy — and then pass it on to our young people?”

These are the words spoken (blogged) by one of the leaders of the home school movement across our country, Lea Ann Garfias.  She has written magazine articles and books and has a blog specifically designed for home schooling families.  Needless to say, her ideas can also be used by public school teachers.

Here’s her latest blog:

Why Homeschool High School | Homeschool High School Made Easy 1

In this post she mentions reasons that we should home school our high school children.  For instance, we can instill our Christian values and God’s design throughout the entire Science curriculum and enhance with numerous field trips, experiments, etc.

Please look at her blog and learn from one of the best – not perfect, but definitely Forgiven and Lead by our Lord.


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