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Monthly Archives: October, 2016

Does Family Wealth Determine Students’ Success?

I’ve taught in private and public schools, in a Title 1 school as well as an upper-middle class small town elementary school.  So, to answer this question, “it depends.”  I’ve … Continue reading

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English is hard Even for Speakers of English

I’ve taught children from China and they really do have a hard time learning about all the “craziness” in our American English.  Here’s a chart that really does explain why? … Continue reading

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Tough Questions for Little Kids?

“Take one moment each day for the next week and don’t answer for your small being, wait for their answer. See what happens and how it changes you both!” Dr. … Continue reading

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Do you have a child who is very disorganized (or definitely has ADHD?)

I know, I know all children are disorganized!  That’s totally true.  However, some are more disorganized than others.  That’s also totally true!  What to do? When I noticed that one … Continue reading

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How Do You Make a Boring Lesson Exciting and Interesting?

So, you have to teach basic Algebra, Reading Fluency, History of the Civil War?  How can you make these lessons far more interesting and challenging?  Simply stated, make the lessons … Continue reading

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How do you Shift from Surviving to Thriving as a Teacher?

So, you’ve been teaching now for almost 3 months.  How are you doing?  If you’re like most teachers, you’ve won some battles, figured out some students, are getting more sleep … Continue reading

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Want to spend some time in Finland in November?

I’m not kidding.  Finland has long been the most progressive and successful public education system in the world!  Have you ever wondered why they are so successful?  Could it be … Continue reading

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Are Children People?

Of course, they are!  But do they really feel like people or just ignored and/or tolerated? Here’s an article that was featured in the Reader’s Digest, September 1926 (yes, 1926) … Continue reading

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How can Homeschooling High School Be Made Easier?

I usually thought that I absolutely had no talent or enough brains to home school my sons when they were high school age.  So, we used videos from a local … Continue reading

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