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How do you get your students to think and discuss during book reading?

It seemed that I always had one student who just wanted to always be involved in my Center or Classroom discussions, but what about the other 17?  They instinctively knew that that one student would always have the answer and they could just tune out!  What can we do to get other students to think, participate, and stay tuned?

Of course, in elementary school you can just put their names onto pieces of paper or Popsicle sticks and draw one out at a time.  But is there a better system?

I just saw this #WeAreTeachers blog on Twitter and immediately thought it suggested some really good strategies like choosing texts that are interesting, asking questions that would be interesting to answer, asking for perspectives from different characters in the book, etc.  For instance, what did Charlie think about the girl in Blue?  How about the Grandfather’s connection to the Candy Man of the Factory?  Why did Pocahontas help the explorers in the first place?  Usually, a question using the word “defend” threw my 3rd graders for a loop but I felt it was so very necessary as a life school let alone to pass the upcoming tests!

I also used some of these same strategies during my class wide Social Studies or Math instructions.  The Smart board became my best Teaching Assistant as students tried to solve Math problems.  It helped them to think before giving an answer.

How do you use these same strategies with #Home School Instruction?  It may be more difficult but just as necessary, maybe even more necessary because of needed social interaction opportunities.

Here’s the link:



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