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Autism and Consequences?

One of the first behaviors that toddlers have to learn is that every action has a consequence.  You hit your head again and again on a brick chimney, you’ll cry and bleed a lot!  Yes, one of my sons had to learn that the hard way.

But what if your child has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum?  Now you have a much different parent and child learning curve.  The Autistic child most often doesn’t associate unwanted behavior and its consequences even if it’s repeated.

“The underlying brain function that causes this consequence to be helpful in reducing hitting is very intricate and is based on reliability of connections between many areas of the brain. In practical terms it means that in order for this consequence to change the hitting behavior, at minimum, these elements must all function smoothly for the person receiving the consequence:”

“Remember, an autistic brain means the connections between areas of the brain are weak making it difficult for the brain to pull together information from the various brain regions – the very thing needed for consequences to change future behavior.”

So, what to do if you know or are the parent of an Autistic child.  Once again, Judy Endow, has written a wonderful post including suggestions such as plan activities ahead of time and stop talking!



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