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Using Book Conversations to Motivate Reading? Help!

During my over 40 years of teaching in public and private schools, I  noticed that most children didn’t like to read books.  Comments like “It’s too long” or “There are no pictures” were often heard.

They’re excited about reading comic books and things on the internet, but not books.  That was totally true until Harry Potter series.  Then children began reading again.  Now that Potter books are old news, what can you use to motivate your present students?  I just saw this blog from Carla that may give you some ideas whether you’re teaching elementary or middle school students.

“Welcome to Comprehension Connection, the land of literacy learning created by Carla. Reading specialist from Virginia celebrating 25 years in the classroom.”

For instance, during your Morning Class Meetings, why not ask specific students to talk about the book that they’re presently reading, put a sticky note on a special board that tells about their book, drawing some of the main characters or settings of the book, Top Ten Lists and Review boards, etc.

Here’s a link to Carla’s latest blog, “Using Book Conversations to Motivate Independent Reading.”  It provides a series of very easy and positive methods to use.  Read on, my friends.




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