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60 After School Questions to Get Your Child Talking

I’m re-posting this because it’s so timely.

Are you at a loss about how to get your child (young or older) to talk about their day at school?  When you try to begin discussion, the answer you receive is “Good, Ya, Fine or even a shoulder shrug.”  Yes, I have lived through those days and it wasn’t easy for me.  Why?  Because I’m a teacher and know what goes on throughout a school day! When you ask, “What was your favorite part?” and they answer, “lunch.”  I can hear you laughing now!

So, in order to avoid that endless stage of having a child in school, here’s a wonderful idea that I just saw on Twitter. Sammy, from sammyapproves.com, has come up with 60 wonderful questions for parents to ask.  She’s even put together a printable version for you to use as a cheat sheet!


Tell me about the best 5 things that happened to you today.  What was your teacher like?  Were you able to practice before you took the test?  What is the funniest thing that has happened to you today/this year?  What would have made your test easier?

Just try to develop questions that can’t be answered with one word!  Stop what you’re doing and look them in the eye to show that you’re really interested.  Get out the milk and cookies, whatever!

60 After School Questions To Ask Your Kids Year Round

I just thought of another way to use these questions.  Teachers, why not print these out and distribute them to your parents to use?  Maybe during your first Parent Teacher Conference?  We need more parent involvement and this may be one more way to get it to happen.


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