We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Teachers’ Pay — a National Disgrace

“Garbage collectors, though useful, are not exactly creative.  They have less to do with shaping the future than almost any public servants one can think of.  In fact, all they do is cart away the sordid past and put it where no one will ever see it again.  They are paid accordingly.  Schoolteachers, on the contrary, have an immense share in shaping the future.  A nation that really cared about its destiny would pay its schoolteachers accordingly.” Think this was published recently?

Wrong!  This article was published in the Readers Digest, October 1945, p. 89!  I’m not kidding!

Yes, we’re being paid much more salary than in 1945, for sure. The article details that in Salt lake City, teachers attained a maximum salary of $2724 after 16 years of experience.  Dog catchers were paid $10,000. Lest you think this article was written by an NEA Board Member, it wasn’t.

Later in the article, the author, Robert Littell, said that a mother explained why she talked her daughter out of wanting to be a teacher.  “You take teachers here in town.  The only difference between them and Christian martyrs is the date, and lack of bonfire.  I’d just as soon be a plow-mule.”  In today’s words, DUDE, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

Obviously, we’re paid much more than in 1945 even considering inflation calculations.  Much to my dismay, I’ve heard some very bright young people in the last few years, say exactly the same thing, “DUDE YOU’VE GO TO BE KIDDING!”

Now that I’m on the retirement end of teaching, I can relive the love and joy I had while teaching elementary school children.  Was every day totally enjoyable?  Most of them were, of course.  Did every child cry when the school year was over?  No, neither did I!

We have thousands of things we’re accountable for each day.  I recently read that there are an estimated 130 influences on a child almost every day.  We’re just 1 of the 130.

Would I continue as a teacher if my body/legs would let me?  In a heart beat!

One more quote from this article:

“Our nation’s future in an uncertain world depends upon our political wisdom, our science, our industrial and military strength.  Education {and families} lie at the core of all these.” Obviously, I added the {and families}.

P.S. I tried to find a link to this article online but couldn’t find any.  My husband collects these old Readers’ Digests and found this article for me.

Ad:  He’s going to be selling these old Readers’ Digest on EBay soon, if you’re interested.


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