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Accommodations at a job site, too?

By now, we are all aware of IEP requirements and the resulting accommodations required in schools for students diagnosed as ADHD and Autism.  Different classroom lights, movement in the classrooms, pulling out for individualized instruction, etc.

But, what happens when that same child is now an adult and goes to work in an office or retail situation?  It will then be the responsibility of the new employee to explain his/her needs without seeming to be a complainer and non-team member before he/she even starts the first day of employment.

Judy Endow makes a very interesting point about the employee and employers’ responsibilities:

“If an individual gets a job, again, accommodations work out differently than they do in high school where teachers are responsible for giving the accommodations to the student. In the workplace, to receive accommodations for an existing disability that disability must be disclosed during the hiring process. If a job applicant does not know this information and therefore does not disclose his disability during the hiring process – even if he discloses it later on – the workplace is not required to provide accommodations.”  (I added the italics for emphasis.)

So, Judy Endow continues by saying that our society has laws to provide accommodations while a student is in school, but after that, the employee is responsible for knowing his/her needs and tells his/her employer.

For more information, please go to this site:

The Changing Implementation of Accommodations



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