We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Don’t allow your frustration be shown to your students

Have you ever walked through a store and heard a father yell at his child, “You’re so stupid!”  Of course, you have.  Have you ever seen a mother totally ignore her child who was trying to talk to her?  Yes, again.

Now, did you ever have a teacher in high school who rammed a student against a locker?  Yes, I heard about a teacher who did that in my former high school.

Now that I have you attention…do you ever show your frustration in a situation in front of your students?  I know I did when I really couldn’t get through to a student how to divide sentences into subject and predicate!  I would just sit down beside the student, and ask them to explain a concept they don’t understand.  Usually, the light bulb would go on in their brain, and wa-la!

Jill Jenkins, recently posted an article, “Respect is Especially Expected from Teachers,” that mentions situations like I experienced during my years of teaching.  For instance, she says, “When a teacher berates a student before a class of students, not only is that student humiliated, but the entire class feels that humiliation.”  Doesn’t this comment cause some mental images in your mind?  It does in mine.  I can still hear some teachers hollering at students while I was walking through hallways.

Here’s one more thing she says, “Don’t allow frustration or anger to waste valuable teaching time.  Passions often run strong when interacting with adolescents.  Be certain to use that passion to teach positive ways to communicate respectfully.  Respect is expected especially from the teacher. ”

These ideas from J. Jenkins based upon her over 40 years as a teacher.  She and I have a lot in common and we feel like we’ve “seen it all” and wish we could fix it!

Here is the link to J. Jenkins’ post.  Please read it, share it, and try to be this type of teacher as this new school year begins.



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