We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

What do students really remember about their teachers?

If you’ve been teaching for more than a year, I’m sure you’ve wondered what your former students remember about you.  Will they remember you as being a lot of fun to be around?  Will they remember you as being an autocrat who really doesn’t care about his students?  Will they remember when you’ve cried and has empathy with her students?

One of the teachers I remember from high school was the one who had this really strange sneeze which we mocked behind her back.  I remember Mr. Swider who was the first and maybe only teacher who complimented me as a smart and organized debater when I defended Communism as a wonderful world system.  (Yes, I did do that!)

One of the parents of my former students brought me a yellow rose the last day of school as a way of saying thank you.  Why?  He said I was the first of his son’s teacher who let his son be “who he was” and encouraged his son each day.   I just did what teachers do!

Other former students remember me because I’d sing a lot and was dramatic.  Who me?  Yep!

On that note, here’s a chart that I just saw on Twitter from weareteachers.com that will help you understand.


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