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Monthly Archives: September, 2016

How do you get your students to think and discuss during book reading?

It seemed that I always had one student who just wanted to always be involved in my Center or Classroom discussions, but what about the other 17?  They instinctively knew … Continue reading

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Autism and Consequences?

One of the first behaviors that toddlers have to learn is that every action has a consequence.  You hit your head again and again on a brick chimney, you’ll cry … Continue reading

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Bouncy Bands for Fidgety Feet – Search No More

I usually don’t promote products on my blog but these are wonderful and not very expensive.  How many times have you noticed that children just need to bounce and move … Continue reading

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Online Unit Study about Elections in our Country

Because our Presidential Election is coming up in a very short time, I thought I’d re-post this article.  You’re welcome. Are you a home school family?  Are you teaching students … Continue reading

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Coding for Children to Learn?

Have you ever wondered how even young children can learn not only how to use computers but also to code them?  I just found a website that mentions several products … Continue reading

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How Can You Keep Your Cool When Your Students are Difficult?

It seemed that I had one or more difficult children each year that I taught in public schools or in private day care.  Most of them just needed to be … Continue reading

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Using Book Conversations to Motivate Reading? Help!

During my over 40 years of teaching in public and private schools, I  noticed that most children didn’t like to read books.  Comments like “It’s too long” or “There are … Continue reading

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How does an Autistic child learn to understand death?

I’m sure we’ve all had to bury our pets, whether a dog, cat, goldfish, parakeet, monkey, etc.  We’ve grieved and shed very real tears.  It felt like a member of … Continue reading

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60 After School Questions to Get Your Child Talking

I’m re-posting this because it’s so timely. Are you at a loss about how to get your child (young or older) to talk about their day at school?  When you … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Pay — a National Disgrace

“Garbage collectors, though useful, are not exactly creative.  They have less to do with shaping the future than almost any public servants one can think of.  In fact, all they … Continue reading

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