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3 Tips to Prepare your Child to Ride the School Bus

If you’re a typical protective parent like I was, you love the convenience of putting your child on a school bus to get to school.  Yet – you’ve heard about some horror stories about what happens on these school bus!  Right?

So, what do you do?  Take your child to and from school each day?  Maybe, that’ll work for you but doesn’t for most parents these days.

So, what is a parent to do?  I just saw this article shared on Twitter  that provides some helpful suggestions.  The short article is by Rebecca Delaney from  and in Family Fun Magazine.

It begins, “As I drove my 6-year-old daughter and her friend home one day, he told a joke. The punch line involved saying “Sofa King Awesome” fast several times, which both kids yelled at the top of their lungs. I almost drove off the road. “Where did you hear that?” I asked, trying to stay calm. “The bus!” the boy said proudly.”

That’s really a small problem relative to other problems I’ve heard about school bus behavior while I was a full time teacher but it is an example of how much our children have brains that ab-sword  EVERYTHING around them.

I believe that this problem is one of the thousands of “life skills” that we must teach our children.  Don’t get discouraged, my friends.




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