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A Child’s Guide to Concentrating (for KIDS with ADHD)

My husband recently brought home a wonderful book that is a story of Craig, a real boy, and compiled by Bonita Blazer, Ph.D., a Learning/Attention Specialist.  Craig designed and compiled this little book for his teachers to explain himself and to help them to improve his concentration and have more success in school.

Yes, it’s available on Amazon for at least $7.33.

Here are just a few of his ideas that he knows help him succeed:

“I get my clothes ready, homework done, and book bag packed THE NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL.

My teacher keeps a daily routine that helps me know what’s coming next and prevents my mind from wandering.

Our classroom has a computer.  My teacher gives me time to use the computer in school when my schoolwork is finished.”

It’s really a wonderful book that you might want to buy and share with some of your school parents.


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