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Autistic people make accommodations for us?

Yes, believe it or not! A person who is #autistic absolutely has to figure out the “neuro” people much more than we have to figure them out. It is expected and required for them to be accepted and usable in our world. Judy Endow says:

“The really funny part of this is that autistics rarely are in any way acknowledged for the heavy burden of accommodations they must make just to survive in this world while others are thought to be the people making the accommodations! Furthermore, I am expected to make accommodations for you while you have the option to choose when, if, and how often you will make accommodations for me.”

As my husband says on a regular basis, consider the topic from the opposite side. We can learn more if we just listen more than talk, read instead of talk, etc.

Here’s a link to Judy Endow’s latest blog post. If you know a child or adult who is autistic, please read this.

Autism, Accommodation and Differential Expectations


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