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How much time does home schooling really take?

Yes, I’m almost recovered from teaching the children from China. Now I’m back to searching and/or composing posts a couple of times per week. I know that many of you are considering #homeschooling your children this year and have all kinds of questions (and fears) about doing it yourself. If your child being bullied or is in school with bullies, you just might consider homeschooling as an alternative.

As a former public school teacher, I can assure you that homeschooling has its benefits and advantages that are wonderful – IF DONE PROPERLY AND PROFESSIONALLY! I can year you now, my public school teacher friends. Did I home school my sons? No, because I have no idea how to succeed at teaching Algebra and Physics! 🙂 Most home schooling curriculum are equal if not more individualistic than public school classrooms, by the way.

Here’s a blog that I just saw on Twitter that’ll answer many of your questions, such as how long does it take each day? Are there other home schooling associations in my local town? Where do I find the curriculum ideas that are suitable and affordable? Do I have to register my child with my local school district? Can my child still take specialties such as Art and Music with the public school system? Do you have to be “religious” to be a home schooling family? I’ll answer the last question with a resounding NO!

So here’s a link to other blogs about timing and planning for homeschooling families.

How Much Time Does Homeschooling Really Take?

If you search through my blog, you’ll find about a dozen more articles about proper homeschooling and socialization skills that must also be included (Boy/Girl Scouts, AWANA, church/synagogues, dance class, Little League, etc.)


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