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All Special Ed Teachers have Super Powers!

I can hear at least a few “Amens” to that headline. I have worked in several #Special Ed classrooms as a substitute teacher and, of course, have had a bunch of children with #IEPs in my self-contained classroom. I know many of you have had those experiences, too. And each time that I’ve walked by those self-contained Special Ed classrooms, I’ve always been amazed by the “super powers” of those teachers.

During my first few years of teaching First Grade near Philadelphia, I frequently visited a Special Ed school that was often cited as a “medal of honor” winner. They had all types of children who were Autistic, paralyzed in some way, non-verbal, blind, or other assorted conditions. That type of school is virtually non-existent now, of course, because of well-intended Federal legislation. I feel that there is still a huge need for public schools even today to provide specialized services in specialized locations to very special children.

My long time friend, Laura W. is one of these teachers. One of my former students, Haley, is considering becoming the same.

Here’s the recent post by WeAreTeachers that shares my thoughts about Special Ed teachers:


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