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Monthly Archives: July, 2016

How much time does home schooling really take?

Yes, I’m almost recovered from teaching the children from China. Now I’m back to searching and/or composing posts a couple of times per week. I know that many of you … Continue reading

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Top Ten Stalling Techniques Kids Use to get out of Schoolwork

I know that many of you are beginning to think about the advantages of homeschooling and/or keeping your public school students on task during homework time. The following post by … Continue reading

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Rocking Ordinary

I’ve been waiting to announce the publication of this wonderful book until it became available. It is now available! Rocking Ordinary is a book written mainly for women to encourage … Continue reading

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20 Signs You’re Actually Making a Difference!

Ah, summer vacation, when the living is easy! You’ve had time to watch sunsets without falling asleep first, sink your toes into the sand, laugh with your children and friends. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Days that Strike Fear into a Teacher

How many #Professional Development Days have you slept through? Don’t answer that! 🙂 There’s a long list of “terrible/horrible, gruesome” days that we all hope we can live through while … Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Hashtags for Education

I recently received this Google+ post from teachthought.com that is awesome! If you’re a follower of Twitter (Tweeter?) and involved somehow in K-12 education, you’ll find this post absolutely complete. … Continue reading

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Very Little Screen Time Before the Age of Two!

I have become more and more aware of how many hours parents of young children are allowing their children to use the mobile devices, whether sitting in the cart in … Continue reading

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Autism, Behavior, and the Impact of Kindness

Do you know someone who is on the #Autism Spectrum? I have known about a dozen over the years. Most of these wonderful people are just fine, but certainly do … Continue reading

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FREE Patriotic History Flashcards

One of the struggles for teachers today (and their parents), is that current students haven’t been introduced to the very proud and wonderful history of our country. Just watch #Watters … Continue reading

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All Special Ed Teachers have Super Powers!

I can hear at least a few “Amens” to that headline. I have worked in several #Special Ed classrooms as a substitute teacher and, of course, have had a bunch … Continue reading

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