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Need Support for Families of ADHD Children?

According to an “reliable” online questionnaire that I took over a year ago, I am borderline/moderate #ADHD Adult. Surprise! I needed a test to confirm what I already suspected? That’s what my husband diagnosed as the reason why I enjoyed and succeeded as an elementary teacher for such long! I needed to be this type of person to handle all of the flexibility of my mission field – teaching!

However, if you’re the parent of a child who has been professionally diagnosed as a child with #ADHD/ADD, you probably need encouragement and support from someone other than a doctor and a teacher.

Here’s a link to a site that might provide you some encouragement and insight about what to do next.


As Dr. Mindy’s blog says, most people want to help you. They just need to be asked.

One more thing, an active 2 and 3 year old is normal! Don’t put your child into this #ADHD/ADD “box” until proper diagnosis is given. I believe that some of the same training techniques can be used with a toddler but don’t diagnosis your child as such. They’re just “being a toddler” exploring this wonderful world. Structure, activity, and encouragement are wonderful techniques that all toddlers (and Mrs. Dorsey) needs!


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