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Earlier today, I was spending some time with my hair stylist, and she asked me if I had ever heard about this company, #Mathnasium? This company is world wide and on their website they say, “We use a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques in our education strategy.” I especially like the tactile method being used for even Middle School students!

Her Middle School son is finally understanding Math concepts that he really didn’t understand, even the basic concepts.

The program is available for both public and home schooled students. I’ve looked at their website and decided that some of my friends on FB and my blog, patriciadorsey.wordpress.com, just might be searching for something like this that really works! There are 4 of their facilities in Central Florida and many others throughout the world.

As a former teacher, I know how frustrating Math can be to way too many of my former students. This private company just may have been the “ticket” to success! I’ve noted some costs as I look at their website, but you need to be confirmed by contacting your local facility.


No, I’m not making even a dime for featuring this company. I just think it might be helpful information for many teachers and parents who see their children having problems in Math.


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