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Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

“30 Ideas for Helping Children with ADHD Succeed”

I just saw this post from #Kellybear and thought you could use this to help you understand and work with children or adults who are blessed with ADHD. I know that you’re near the end of this school year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t modify your classroom to help the ADHD child even for just a few more weeks.

I especially wish I had know about #13 when I was full time teaching! I think it would have helped give him/her focus and organization.

I tended to sit this type of child in the back of my classroom. Why? Because they could shake their legs or stand up as they needed and not distract their peers. It worked for most of my students. #24 seems to reinforce this strategy.

I often used #25 strategy so that one particular student had more “space.” His teammates truly appreciated this accommodation.

BTW, ALL of these ideas will help other types of students succeed, including home schooled students. Be flexible!



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