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Beautiful Minds of Autistic People are Wasted

“IN AMERICA in 1970 one child in 14,000 was reckoned to be autistic. The current estimate is one in 68—or one in 42 among boys.”

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. I personally have worked with someone in one of my schools who was extremely violent and needed constant guidance by a Professional Aid. I’ve also worked with Asperger’s children who are wonderfully creative and fit right into my “mostly” organized and repetitive classroom routines.

I understand that if you’re a parent of an Autistic child, your journey is full of stresses and special moments. You, the parent, are absolutely the best ombudsman for your wonderful gift from God. Make sure schools chosen are on your child’s side, whether public or private.

So, the next question becomes how can our society utilize the Autistic mind to enrich their lives and our country? Here’s a wonderful article released by THE ECONOMIST and just featured on Twitter. The author suggests a multitude of ways our businesses can benefit by this type of employee. Finally!



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