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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Considering becoming an ESL/ESOL teacher?

Maybe you or someone you know has considered becoming a teacher of English to people from other cultures. Maybe you also can speak a language in addition to English (like … Continue reading

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Assertiveness Training for Children

Is #bullying becoming an increasing problem in our neighborhoods and schools? Apparently so, because this is the second article I’ve received today that I want to share with my followers … Continue reading

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Child Abuse Prevention

I just saw this article in the magazine, “Woman to Woman Magazine,” and thought it was quite useful for parents of young children and their teachers. It suggests 3 steps … Continue reading

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Are You a Whole Teacher?

I just saw this post from teachthough.com, and thought it may help you evaluate your year as a teacher (or parent) this past school year. No human can succeed at … Continue reading

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How can you control your class when you’re not there?

Over the years of teaching, I’ve often had to miss days of school because of illness or meetings. I would usually know in advance that I was going to be … Continue reading

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Accommodations: Where, When and What?

During my years of teaching in public schools, I noticed that there was an significant increase in 504 Plans and IEPs (Individualized Educational Program). I believe that these two programs … Continue reading

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Children

Anyone who is a parent has, at one time or another, wondered if their child had #ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) or was just acting like a “normal” 2 or 3 … Continue reading

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“30 Ideas for Helping Children with ADHD Succeed”

I just saw this post from #Kellybear and thought you could use this to help you understand and work with children or adults who are blessed with ADHD. I know … Continue reading

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Beautiful Minds of Autistic People are Wasted

“IN AMERICA in 1970 one child in 14,000 was reckoned to be autistic. The current estimate is one in 68—or one in 42 among boys.” Many of us know someone … Continue reading

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Faculty Meeting Bingo

I just saw this from WeAReTeachers on Twitter and loved it. Please print it out and use it this year. I promise it will provide a fun way to begin … Continue reading

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