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“The Broken Heart” – for Keely and Cyndi

A few minutes ago, I picked up a book that I haven’t read in quite a while, A CUP OF COMFORT FOR TEACHERS, edited by Colleen Sell. My eyes were caught by this title, “The Broken Heart,” by Don Mitchell. It made me cry  because I remembered a students I recently had the blessing to work with.

Mr. Mitchell related how he had really poor education in his home state, Arkansas. He couldn’t read a word and he was 7 years old. His family moved to Chicago and he was placed in a 2nd grade classroom. He had been then assigned a #Special Education teacher to help him catch up. He did catch up because of this teacher.

What did she do? Did she use some wall charts, brain scan activities, Common Core Standards, or the internet? No, all she did was lead, encourage with hugs and a huge smile, and help when necessary. She was excited when he read his first word and was ecstatic when he read a whole page by himself. It took some time, but she didn’t give up on him.

Here’s what he wrote, “Yes, I loved her and I wanted more: more reading, more praise, more hugs. I wanted a lot more hugs.”

Doesn’t that student represent so many of our “failing” students of today? When a certain boy and girl see me in the hallway of my former school where I am now volunteering, their faces just glow with a smile. My heart warms and I can’t wait until I work with either of them.

I pray that they grow up, they will become a “Don Mitchell” with the word, successful, written by their signature.


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