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Helping Perfectionist Children Feel “Good Enough”

Quite a while ago, I featured an article about students who are “perfectionist” to a fault. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging children to do their best, of course. But there is an emotional line when the stress of being perfect in everything becomes extreme and obsession with nothing but perfection becomes overwhelming. That’s the student who is also afraid to begin anything, already anticipating that they will fail.

I’ve noticed “#first born” children often having this feeling. Yes, I am a first born child! I think that home schooling parents can fall into this dark hole with their children, too.

Given that fact, here’s a post from Dr. Michele Borba, a nationally known educator and speaker, that suggests strategies to encourage and help your child to “relax” about his/her need to be the best in everything!

Again, I totally understand challenging our children to “do their best” and improving, but DON’T encourage perfection in everything. It’s more important for a child to be secure “in their skin.”

Helping Kid Perfectionists Feel “Good Enough”


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