We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

What will your students remember about you?

I know that Christmas vacation can’t come soon enough for you, my friends in all levels of education.  I know that even today, all students of all ages are really pushing your buttons.  They want OUT and so do you!

Here’s an article from Edutopia that you really do need to read.  Get our your coffee and/or ice tea, sit down, and read this article.  It’s NOT your classroom decor, organized lesson plans, or number of games that you play during each lesson that they will remember.  Read on and see what this author believes that children in our schools these days WILL remember.


As a personal testimony, whenever I see former students or their parents in local stores, they tell me these same things.  They remember how I challenged them to succeed, not use ADD as an excuse for failure, listened and cried with their child, etc.

These children are NOT just a number.  They are people created to be used in our country. Unfortunately, there are way too many parents who aren’t molding their children to be leaders.  Therefore, we MUST do that!  Let me help you to make this happen!


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