We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

How do you build character in your students?

One of the best ways to build positive character in young children during a school day is through literature.  Here’s a website, Comprehension Connection, that always features great ideas for us to use in our classrooms.  “Celebrating Gifts from the Heart” shares how our recent history has troubled children about their safety and made them wonder why humans can be so hateful.

If you’d like to know one of the projects that really worked in my classroom, ask me about my Rebeccah Award where students notice the kind things their classmates do for each other and post their observations on a special bulletin board.

Why not spend a day a week that reminds them of our human kindness?  That’s what this post does.  I hope you can find these books and use them at least once a week for thematic Reading comprehension, writing compositions, and even drama presentations!  Why not?




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