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Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Homeschooling Made Easy? Stressed? Challenging?

Our friend from long ago, #Lea Ann Garfias, has a blog that is really encouraging to #homeschooling families. Do you feel stressed out and worried about how good you are … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Cursive Handwriting Should be Taught Again

There is a movement among educators and parents for children to again be taught to think and write in cursive style handwriting.  I know it won’t be tested for State … Continue reading

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Why are Autistic People Stubborn?

Once again, Judy Endow, a nationally recognized speaker about Autism, has posted an article that is from her heart.  She is Autistic and knows how many of these people are … Continue reading

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Pre-school Benefits Fade by 3rd Grade?

Apparently so, according to some recent studies done in both Tennessee and Miami, Florida. There’s a large academic boost for those who attended pre-school as they entered Kindergarten but the … Continue reading

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Want to Increase Your Parental Involvement

Look at these ideas that I just saw on Twitter from “WeAreTeachers” blog.  The post contains just a few ideas for ways to use your students to get their parents … Continue reading

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Which of the 3 Musketeers are You?

HeyYou, a blog by a Special Ed teacher for those of us who work with ADD/ADHD children, is a wonderful resource and encouragement to us all.  Here’s a wonderful post … Continue reading

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Free Thanksgiving Turkey Buildable

The wonderful U.S. holiday, #Thanksgiving, is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Here’s a wonderful free, printable #turkey booklet that I know you’ll like to use in your classroom … Continue reading

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Teaching vs. “Real” Jobs

Look at this chart and let me know what you think.  I know it’s so true!

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Making the Mundane into Marvelous for ADHD Children!

Dr. Mundy has done it again.  She’s highlighted some activities and strategies that just might help you to get your child or student who has ADHD to get “mundane” jobs … Continue reading

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