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Teaching handwriting fluency helpful to ADHD children?

During my last 10 years of teaching 3rd grade in public schools, I noticed that we weren’t permitted to spend “too much time” in teaching penmanship whether it was in Kindergarten or my 3rd grade.  Why?  Simply because it wouldn’t help children achieve higher scores on the upcoming standardized tests!  I’m not kidding!

After retiring from full time teaching, I became acquainted with a doctor from Georgia who is now on a mission to have this penmanship training returned to our schools.  Why?  He has become informed of the positive effects this penmanship training has on children’s academic, specifically those with #Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.  According to this article:

“The authors say affected students can acquire handwriting fluency if correctly taught how to permanently change their handwriting posture, including pencil-hold, paper-hold, and hand/arm positions.”

Here’s the article from Special World.net.  Let me know what you think.  Maybe we can change this present thinking and return to something that really works!



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