We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Being “Observed?”

Oh, no!  The random observations that many Principals and Vice Principals perform at the beginning of each school year are bad enough!  Right?  They always seem to come at the worst time!

However, even more stressful is the once or twice a year when you’re “formally” observed!  I just saw this website that has some really good ideas about how to prepare and “live through” this former observation.

For instance, ensure that your class knows the learning objectives for this time period.  Common Core objectives really can direct the lesson.  Also, your students will be your best helpers if they know what to expect.

In addition, know your observer.  If she or he is technically oriented, make sure you and the class are using technology for research or enrichment/reinforcement. Of course, try the website first the day before the observation!  Yes, I’ve been there, too.

If your observer stresses team activities, make sure that your class is divided before the observation and they know where to go and what they’ll be doing. Kagan strategies are really useful in this type of activity.

Teachingdegree.org website is really helpful for those who are trying to become teachers at any level, but also has some good ideas for new teachers.



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