We Were Meant to be Teachers!

Classroom Management Strategies and other Teacher Worthy Ideas

Triangle for Success

During my first Parent Teacher Conference each year, I usually drew a triangle, and labeled each corner  in the triangle with the parent at the top and the teacher and student in each of the other two corners.

I explained that each of these corners must be active in the education of their child.  Taking out the parent, for instance, left a gaping hole in the child’s success.

That’s how I explained that we needed the parental involvement for our success in my classroom.  That meant that I needed them to reinforce skills like Math memorization, spelling correction, and homework completion.  It’s important to remind the parent that they’re an important part of academic success and that we can’t succeed without their help.  It seemed to reinforce that I’m really on their side and would help them to help their child.  Plus, I always reminded them that I’m a parent, too!  That usually brought a smile.


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