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Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Are you a marigold among the walnut trees?

I recently saw a wonderfully encouraging post on Twitter by Jennifer Gonzalez.  Her post attempts to motivate and encourage new teachers to be a marigold flower on your teaching team. … Continue reading

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We’re all in this together!

One year I taught a child who was bullied by a couple of boys in my class.  I felt it was getting worse than better even after talking to the whole … Continue reading

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Why did the Department of Education got established?

#NCLB – #Department of Education – President Carter – Federal Bureaucracy – Andrew Johnson – all of these people and laws have been controversial and, yet necessary, for the population … Continue reading

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How to Detox in the Digital Age

Do you want to have more sleep and less stress?  Laia’s TEFL Corner blog just featured this amazing plan to help us all detox and stay focused in our digital … Continue reading

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10 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew Before the School Year Begins

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Fifth Graders Help a Friend who was Bullied

I haven’t recently offered ideas about dealing with Bullying in our schools and our whole society,   Have you ever wonder if all our anti-bullying programs really work?  Here’s a Youtube … Continue reading

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Being “Observed?”

Oh, no!  The random observations that many Principals and Vice Principals perform at the beginning of each school year are bad enough!  Right?  They always seem to come at the … Continue reading

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Triangle for Success

During my first Parent Teacher Conference each year, I usually drew a triangle, and labeled each corner  in the triangle with the parent at the top and the teacher and … Continue reading

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