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Dirty Hands and Dirty Bread

To all my teacher friends, I just saw this on FB last year and just had to share it on my blog.  This is the grossest yet coolest experiment. You use three pieces of bread. You let all the kids see you put a piece of bread in a baggy with a glove on hence “controlled” then you wash your hands and put a piece of bread in a baggy for “clean” last but definitely not least you pass a piece of bread around and let every kid in class touch it then you put it in a baggy and label it dirty. Watch how the bread changes over time due to germs. It is so cool and a great way to teach the importance of hand washing.


One comment on “Dirty Hands and Dirty Bread

  1. Deborah
    August 20, 2015

    Great idea! This could be a handy “experiment” for homeschool science as well. Thanks.


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