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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

How many times a week do you disinfect your computers?

Gross, I know, but I usually cleaned my classroom’s keyboards, desks, etc. at least once a week.  In the winter and spring, maybe each day!  I thought I was protecting … Continue reading

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Singing a Song to Learn about Prepositions?

Yep!  I just saw this clip featuring Ron Clark Academy, in Atlanta.  The Academy students generally test in the 70-80% category in all subjects that they failed the previous year. … Continue reading

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What are Main Idea Questions?

I know that this school year is winding down.  You’re exhausted and you’re students are “out there somewhere!”  Keep this link.  It has some really good ideas about how to … Continue reading

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Independent Learner? – The Truth and the Wonder

One of our long ago friends, has  a wonderful blog for Homeschooling Parents.  It’s also useful for teachers in a regular classroom.  Lea Ann’s latest blog is about what is … Continue reading

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Let the children play outside, please!

The last few years of my teaching, I would give my class 5″ of playing or running outside of my classroom, usually mid-afternoon.   It provided a wonderful “brain break” … Continue reading

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The Best Revenge is a Bully App?

In keeping with my mission of classroom management strategies which in turn stop opportunities for bullying, here’s an app that school districts can purchase and distribute free to its students. … Continue reading

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Handwriting Skill Determines Literacy Capability?

Have you ever observed the way you and your friends open a screw top bottle or place their hands onto a table?  The way you open a bottle or hold … Continue reading

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